The Rain Reminds Me of You

October 17, 2011
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The rain reminds me of you,
Every drop is a memory,
A chemical reaction of mind and heart.
Why are you so far from here?
Far from me?
I miss the days we spent.
We shared everything, including the rain.
A covalent bond of atoms,
Just like we are.
Now we share the sun and the moon,
But we never share the rain.

We share a word here and there,
Every letter has its own meaning.
“M” means forever to me.
I wish the world for you,
I am unselfish in that sense.
But selfish in all others;
I wish we could share the rain again.

The rain makes me think of you
And creates a thunderstorm in my heart.
Lightning strikes and smoke arises,
The ghosts of the mistakes of your past,
And mine.

I forgive and forget the mistakes.
The fights, the pain.
For the rain makes me think of you…
And here, it rains
Most every day.

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