And She Prays....

October 14, 2011
She closes her eyes and starts to pray
Her world’s crashing down around her
Clutching her siblings close to her
Praying His voice would drown out the sound
Of their house coming down around her

And she prays for her mommy
And her daddy long gone
And she wishes she could've lived
And laughed till she cried
And lived till she died
And she prays…

The sound keeps on coming
It’s a monster out to get her
Destroy what she loves most
She’s helpless against it
Watches it tearing apart her life

And she prays for her friends
And her family all gone
And her boyfriend-to-be
And her husband, her lover
And darling - no more
And she prays…

She dreams of the day
When she would have been loved
By a man so true, so honest and pure
He’d fight all of heaven
Just to look in her eyes…

And she prays for him, too
And the girl he’d find
And the life they would live
And the kids they would have
And the love they would share
And she prays…

Her sister screams as she’s hit
Scoots under her chin and cries
As tears run down her brother’s face
They both crowd around her
As their lives crash down around her

And she prays for her loved ones
And hopes that they’re safe
And alive during this night
And will live to the day
And won’t be too sad
And she prays…

Her mind flashes to the guy in her life
Heart breaks as she pictures his face
Wishes she could talk to him, see him one last time
Tell him everything she never said
But it’s too late…

And she prays for his life
And that he’s safe and he’s well
And he’ll never give up
And his heart will be healed
And he’ll never forget
And she prays…

She holds her two siblings
Shielding them from the pain
Holds them close as the monster roars
Wipes their faces with her shaking hands
Her own cheeks wet with tears

And she prays for them too
And the lives they will live
And the love they will find
And the joy they will give
And the laughter they’ll share
And she prays…

The monster has gone
Sunlight peeks through the ruined house
Rests on two faces lifting their heads
With another, still body lying next to them
Taken away.

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