For you.

October 14, 2011
By Amariantha BRONZE, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
Amariantha BRONZE, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
The day I died, was the day I started living.

"Chase your dreams, In this case. You are dream. <3"

I'm happy for you &amp; her.

I really am.

Its just hard,

To watch you go,

The word "friends"

Hurts worse,

Then hell.

I don't fall in love to easy,

I really don't,

I'm normally the girl who is cautious,

And afriad of love.

Afriad of getting hurt.

My last love,

I had watched him go the same way,

The same,

Searing pain comes to mind,

The same cold, numbing tears,

Comes to my sad eyes,

And the same sad poems,

I begin to write.

This is not what I intended.

But even though I knew this was gonna happen,

That i would fall for you,

And things woulldn't be the same,

I still kept going.

And I have no idea why i did.

I love the sound of your voice,

I love how you can tick me off in a matter of seconds,

But releave me to laughing and being happy all the same,

And I love how your always there for me,

I love how you can bring me up,

When I'm down,

I love you.

Believe me,

I tried burning you out my insanely gone mind,

I tried cutting you out of my heart,

Erasing you out of my memories,

Drowning every thought &amp; dream of you out of my soul,

But its impossible,

Its to hard to do,

I can't do it,

I listen to love songs,

To numb the pain,

I keep doing crazy stupid things,

To keep you off my mind,

But things are just falling apart,

But i am happy for you,

I just wanted to let you know this,

I love you,

And I'm here for you

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