No Tomorrow Until I Have You

October 14, 2011
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I am lost
Not in the world, but in love with you

Lost like i have never been before
Over the top lost and i still cannot get over you
Very angry and very sick of not having you
Ever wanting and ever hungry for your love

Without you, i refuse to live on
In my mind, you feel the same way
To the world of the judgemental, this cannot exist
His and him do not make a honorable team

Killing me everyday is the thought of not having you
Ready for you to take me away into oblivion
I am at the mercy of your graceful love
Standing here , in my heart, i am going steady with you
Till i can face myself and confess the truth to myself
I will go on in fantasies and denial
A window to your heart is all i need
No tomorrow until i really have you

Right here in my arms, living deep in my heart
Every night i reach out for you
Another tear strolls down my eyes
Leaving me , eventually, like everyone else

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