It's in the Ink

October 14, 2011
By Bella.Electra PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
Bella.Electra PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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It's in the Ink.
The ink she spilled
along with her heart,
Put it on a page
and offered a new start.

It's in the note
He read the very next day.
But he didn't return
What she had to say.

It's on the ripped paper
She had to throw away.
And little did she know,
her feelings would stay.

It's mixed in the faded blue letters
She tried to hide from them all.
But in one single breath,
he decided to make that call.

The author's comments:
This poem is about when you love someone, and they just don't feel the same way.

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on Dec. 14 2011 at 7:28 pm
CarrieAnn13 GOLD, Goodsoil, Other
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Wow, Bella, this is beautiful!  I really have no criticism for your poem.  I love the fact you chose to have proper punctuation and capitalization, unlike a lot of the poems on here.  Great job!

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