My Dog Bear

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

My Dog Bear he’s all black with little white fur on his chest.
My Dog Bear has dark brown eyes with shiny white teeth he has one
ear that stay up in the other one that stay down because he broke it
when he was little.

My Dog Bear has a brother name toby but toby is fat my dog bear is
athletic you will never see my dog run like other dog’s but my dog
bear is one of a kind dog that you will love.

My Dog Bear is getting old but still fast still has that powerful bark
from when he was young.

My Dog Bear we got him when he was a little baby in this is why I love
my dog bear.

My Dog Bear has this little head turning thing that he does when
make funny sounds in he look at you with a funny look in turns his
head to the side in look at you like what is you doing.

This poem is about my dog bear who I still love even those I haven’t
seen him in a while I wonder if he still look the same.

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