A ship's Journey

October 14, 2011
The dark and wild seas crash against the small dingy.
The valiant crew struggle to keep the ship afloat as the forty foot waves smash against the ship with constant pounding like constant knocking on a wood door.

As dawn breaks a beacon of light through the clouds shines on the ship like a lantern shining form the heavens.
The light almost seems to signal the end of their meager lives.

Some men are praying to god with their heads bowed and their hands clasped.
Some men are franticly trying to balance the boat running from one side to the other.

The noble men huddle together in their expensive robes made of silk and colored in a dark purple dye. The robes flowed like a graceful river
Some men occasionally vomit off the side of the ship.

The ship has only 10 knots left to go until they get to their home port.
The captain expects the ship not to last more than 3 more knots.

The journey is hopeless.

The captain says his last words of confidence to his crew in a long winded and drawn out speech that seemed to last more than an hour.
When the captain utters the last syllable of his speech the ship succumbs to the torture of the unrelenting sea.

The ship crumbles into a mess of wood and canvas as men cling to stray doors and wood.
Most of the nobles sink to the depths due to the heaviness of their robes like large boulders.
The crew is given a little more time to live but soon muscle fatigue or hypothermia will set in.

As the captain sheds a final tear he thinks about the bravery of his crew.
He remembers the tender care of his mother.
As the captain finishes his final prayer he gives in to the pleads of the sea.
The old sea adventurer is drug down to the bottom of the sea.
The captain is forever forgotten.

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