October 14, 2011
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17 years old and don’t know where you’re heading.
Nothing goes your way,
You’re in quick sand,
The harder you fight,
The more you get pulled under.
There’s no motivation to get back up.

It’s hard to think past the present.
You don’t look to the future,
Once you look ahead it’s too late.

All that’s left to do is regret what you didn’t do.
Regret you didn’t get back up.
You expected the world to wait on you,
Then you’re so far behind there is nothing left to do.

There is nothing else to live for,
Everything goes wrong.
Giving up is easier than keeping your head up.

You feel lost,
Can’t find your way back to the right path.
Every step you take,
Something leads you off path.
In a bad direction,
That leads into something
You can’t get out of.
You’re 17 years old and don’t know where you’re heading.

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