Surf Life

October 14, 2011
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Autobiography (draft 1)
Smell the breeze all salty and fresh.
Dolphins flipping, jumping , and calling me in.
I hear the waves roar , whisper , and silence.
I want to ride them on if only they would always roar.
I touch the sand all grainy and small.
I love to run, and make giant sandcastles for the world to see.
I jump on my board into the roaring waters.
Terrified to collapse and then remember all my tricks.
I stand, flip, twist and turn.
I’m queen of the ocean, queen of the animals,
Queen of the dolphins .
The waves climb up just high enough to reach my toes and I ride them.
“Honey it’s time to go” My mom picks up her blanket.
“The sun is just setting and I finally got my trick down.”

“ Maybe some other day honey.” She has a very sweet whisper and

reminds me of learning how to surf, swim, pick nicks, and persevering.

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