If Only Words Could Kill

October 14, 2011
The floor boards creaked
Beneath the weight
Silent tears a
Mixture of Salt and blood
Dribbled down her face
A poem came to her mind
A poem she heard of late
It followed her every move
For it pertained to her very fate
“Across a room she wandered
Her weight affecting the sounds”
She already had done these words,
She stood silent without a sound
“A tap against a window pane
Will startle her very core”
A willow branch stuck the window
Sending chills down to her toes.
“Silver light will shimmer
Turning her towards the door.”
Her body turned in synchrony
Silver light reflected from somewhere
Not be known before
“The silver light will turn
Towards an open “pane” ”
In agony she shifted
Silently changing pose
“A smiling knife unsheathed
Will turn up in a grin,
In the hands of its master
It will take a life at its whim”
A light glimmered,
Floating in on moonlight
Coming from the window
In the middle of the night.
“A man will give a grin
Before taking a life at whim”
The cheeks of the shadow in her window
Turned up in a smirk
“A scream will not be heard,
No, Not throughout the land”

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