Never Good Enough

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Ever felt not good enough?
A person just not worth any time?
The aching feeling in the stomach?
The feeling of a knife twisting into the gut.
The wishing and hoping that they will just fall over and die,
like a fly on its last days.
After a month,
a month, really?
To double cross your child for that
“Oh I’ll never treat you different”
well there’s that knife again,
deeper and deeper until
it’s out the other side.
“I’ll protect you over any of my women,
or their families”
Well what about the times at Christmas?
where I have to cook and clean all by my self,
before the fairy godmother intervened.
Everyone treating me like Cinderella,
telling not asking.
Then making me drop everything in my life,
to help you and your new family.
The knife is pulled out and I am dead,
to you to your family,
in your mind I never existed.

The author's comments:
It was about something that angered me

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