I thought you were my friend

October 17, 2011
By blu3eyes PLATINUM, Loganville, Georgia
blu3eyes PLATINUM, Loganville, Georgia
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I will live my life to its fullest with a tear in my eye or a smile opon my face.
Trust is like a piece of paper once it is torn or wrinkled it can never be perfect again.

You were supposed to be there for me and not take whats mine what i do I've done this for my life its my dream and now your trying to steal it from me I thought you were my friend but i was wrong I'm not going to let you take this away from me its mine its has been for years so don't even try to be better than me your doing this because I am and everyone knows it like always your trying to steal my spot light its mine this tI'me I thought you were my friend but you betrayed me you went against everything you said you would never do that and what are you doing now your trying to take my dream away from me and make it into mush but that won't happen not this tI'me because we are not friends any longer we are now enemies ones that live in different worlds I'm from sadness depression and love that doesn't come easily your from happiness and joy and were ever you turn you have love I thought you were my friend but I was wrong you are my enemy

The author's comments:
This is about my friend who is no longer my friend she stabbed me in the back to get what she wanted to get ahead.

Don't look in to the eyes of you opponent look into there soul.

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