My Favorite Place

October 17, 2011
By Shalaylay18 BRONZE, Cmeron, Wisconsin
Shalaylay18 BRONZE, Cmeron, Wisconsin
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The grass was dry like crinkled up paper,
And could easily be broken.
I could feel the cool Pacific Ocean breeze
when my feet touched the sand.
Its was an extraordinary feeling
to have the cool salt water touching my feet.
And putting a chill up the spine.

Rides, unpredictably wild and fun; A merry-go-round,
that goes around and around.
This merry-go-round is special with a ring off to the side.
This ring you throw into a lion’s mouth
every time you passed him,
he was big and fierce, a wrestler.

The pier looked beautiful with the ocean surrounding it.
Along with the beach,
filled with families and their screaming kids.
Fresh fish and garlic fries filled the air,
And the smell of cotton-candy as I’m shoving it in my face,
all soft and sugary.

I could hear the barking of seals off in the distance,
And the magnificent waves crashing into the rocks.
The most wonderful thing about this place,
is the freshly caught prawns,
the smell and crisp taste.
And the homemade fudge,
that was only sold a few buildings down
but just melted in your mouth oh-so fine.

As I say good-bye to this place and hope never to forget,
Taking in a deep breath and picturing it in my mind.
The time I spent there with my family,
And that clear blue sky.

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