Been Broken

October 4, 2011
By Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
'my happiness is only a mask i wear to hide the tears i cry'

Been broken for so long, no one
and nothing able to fix me…until
you came into my life and filled the black abyss in my heart

No one knows me, no one except
you…now my heart is testing its
limits against everything I know
was trying to make me dead…

Always scared, always afraid, wanting
to run away from my feelings…and now
I wonder if we truly belong together

But now I wonder if my life could
possibly ever change anymore

But I love you and don’t
want you to leave me

I am scared and lonely, always
fearing myself…I wish for my life
to go back normal, before sadness

Please don’t let me die alone, inside myself,
with no one caring about what happens to me,
except you…but even as I write this with my own blood, I realize we
are somewhat becoming distance to each other,
and it scares me if you decide to leave me…

Then I find the one who was abusing me last year,
and now he continues to harm me when you are not around…
I fear for my life, for me, for you, and for our love…

Been broken up for so long, and now I don’t care about
my heart or my soul anymore and will give it up while
I bleed to death in the rain…don’t come looking for me,
don’t come save me, because I love you and don’t want to see you get hurt…

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