It's About Him

October 4, 2011
By MandyMoore22 BRONZE, Foley, Missouri
MandyMoore22 BRONZE, Foley, Missouri
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Oh how I await the future.
To see what will become of me, of us....

As for now things, are shown as perfect.

Oh how I Love You,

Your Smile :)

Your Calming voice

Your Loving touch

To me, you are.....

Sitting for seconds, minutes, hours, days..
Never can I find the one word, words?

The word that describes what you are to me
How much you mean to me

Not a word can tell the truth, its not enough



So many more can be scratched off, as nothing will fit the blank

Shall I say Perfect?

Perfect, to me?

Perfect, for me?
Yet nothing is perfect, so can this be?
Sure, for me.
Others wouldn't understand though...
But how do you describe this Love?

Oh love, maybe thats it..
Love it is?
Thats the missing part?

You are.... My Love

Now I understand perfect.

My Love :)
Yes, Now Thats Perfect

Now to Define Love?

The author's comments:
This Poem is written about my boyfriend. He means a lot to me and he is just so awesome i decided to write a poem about him! :)

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