The Anchor

October 7, 2011
My heart is held together by string,
dangling inside beating.
She came that day,
her knife thrashing at me.
I felt no pain,
she'd come back and bandage me up.
We'd forget what happened,
going back to how we were before.
For days I waited,
alone with the hope of seeing her again.
My heart slowly crumbled,
falling to the pit of my stomach.
She never came,
all the hope I gathered was lost.
It floated out of me,
leaving me broken inside.
I was just an old toy,
she played with me until she lost interest.
Now here I am,
stringing my heart back together.
All the pain and sadness,
I stuff it in like a pinata.
My heart is heavy,
it weighs me down.
Like an anchor on a boat,
making me sink further and further down.
Until my broken heart,
stops beating.

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