Always There For You

October 7, 2011
The innocent smile of child melts your heart away.
Calling to you through your door in the middle of the night.
Asking you to please come scare the monsters away.
Begging for a quarter so she can get a gumball at the grocery store.
Telling you about her first friend at school.
Wanting you to help her practice for soccer.
Helping her study for that History test.
Needing you to take her shopping.
So that she will have something to wear on her first dance.
Coming home crying because of ruthless bullies.
Holding her while she lets out all of her tears.
Sitting in the passengers seat as she starts the car for the first time.
Knowing you only have a few years left.
Going to her championship game.
Where she plays starter and scores the winning goal.
Seeing her go out on her first date.
Watching out the window as she gets into his car.
Waiting up all night to make sure she gets in okay.
Coming home late from work and finding her sitting at the table.
Head down asleep.
Smiling to yourself and shaking her awake.
Watching her expression as she reads her acceptance letter.
From the only school she wanted to go to.
Seeing her come home crying with a broken heart.
Telling her it will be okay.
Holding her in your arms and rocking her.
Just like when she was a baby.
Picking out furniture for college.
Standing in the terminal watching her walk away.
Knowing that your baby is no longer a baby.
Watching her turn around and wave at you.
Waving back you know that she will be fine.
Remembering every moment you had together and,
Waiting for more.

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