October 7, 2011
By maliki BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
maliki BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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The sunshine bright in the morning air. Turns red with blood all in a matter of 12 hours.

Sunny day’s dark nights everything turns into a fight.

One time when everything dies they live but why why does things always go wrong you change just chill and be cool you have to act a fool.

You die for nothing important but liked for everything that was. Smart people dumb decisions

It all turns into a collision. Thoughts so cloudy vision so clear he seen the light in the big chair.
Wrong people wrong time wrong people wrong 9.

Everything is confusing no one deserves this pain and death is an unfortunate side

Affect of living but a part of life. Sidewalks stained with blood so red it looks like kool-aid

You duck and run but can’t escape fate of bad choices that’s what life is about the choices you make.

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