Once and for all

October 7, 2011
Down the hole
into darkness
my heart is fading
my tears are showing
the pain is growing
so intense
my breathing getting faster
my heart beating slower
I'm shaking
convulsions in sheer cries of terror
i start to choke on a thick gooey liquid
"its time" i thought to myself
now it is me who will suffer
barely breathing
i reach out into the darkness
i see something move; not audible
it is darker that the darkness surrounding me
i see something flash in its movement
it comes down quick without hesitation
into my already slow heart
back up into my thought the pain grows
it rips open my chest, heart, lungs, and all
then my life flashes before my eyes and i see
the one i sold my heart to standing over me
with a smile that will forever haunt any who may see it
my own fiance
i tried speaking nothing but blood comes out
he laughs and laughs
and that is the last thing i hear
before my life expires
once and for all

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Alekanekalia said...
Oct. 26, 2011 at 8:42 pm
This is great. Love the descriptions! Keep writing, I look forward to seeing more
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