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October 7, 2011
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I am from Philly where people get sent to jail for stealing, shooting, robbing and more. I’m from Philly with a lot of violence, where your scared to go to sleep. I am from Philly where you’ll get killed fro stealing people’s things. I’m from Philly where girls fight over dumb stuff, and bust out people windows. I’m from Philly that is not such a fun place for you or your kids to just come outside and relax at night and not have to worry about gun shots. I’m from a city that rapes people for no reason sometimes. I’m from a city that boys with shoot at each other sometimes for dumb reasons like over a girl. I am from a place that flash mobs attack and get sent to jail. I’m from a place that if you dress or talk different you will get teased or even beat up. I am from a place you will have to watch around you because they may follow you home and try to kill you and your family. Did you know that’s where I’m from? Where are you from?

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