my feelings

October 16, 2011
By miner.ej BRONZE, Tamuning, Other
miner.ej BRONZE, Tamuning, Other
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loving and laughter is what we do,
while arguments and crying is what we go through, because pain and tears are what we feel, but the reason were even together is even a bigger deal.

the reason why i feel in love with you, was because your honest and true and treat me the way no one Else can do. Am there for you like you are for me, just like the man am gonna prove to be.

In every moment of every day, no matter what i wanna say, it would be said to you in a different way.
I love you to the end of time, til death do us part, that's the bottom line. if you don't believe me, then let this ring prove it to you.

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