October 16, 2011
By wtfreeze BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
wtfreeze BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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You ask for so much. I can give you that, and I do. And it’s not just that, you know? How can you ask for so much, when I don’t expect anything at all? You’re so selfish, and you don’t even see that. How contradicting. You make lists of what you want, when you can’t even fulfill the standards yourself. You ask for so, so much. But that shouldn’t matter, right? ‘Cause all I do is fu**ing forgive, forgive, forgive. You tell me to express myself, but I never can because the huge lack of communication we have. The blame is not on you though, it’s on me. I am an optimist, and I blind myself with the thought of what we could be.

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