October 16, 2011
Your name is not spoken
but we don't forget
we walk by each other
trying to forget
not your name!
Never your name.
We try to forget the image
that burns in our brain
whispers of tears
hidden fears
ripple among us
no one moves
because we want to feel you surround us.
Please rest easy
time shall past
but you'll never be forgotten
don't hold on to the living
don't hold on too tight.
You have a bigger future
something the living can never understand
Watch us from up above
watch us learn how to live
we are liked children
scared of the future before us
we learned that
life is so valuable
with just a blink
we can't forget
one question that never would be answered
It will be hard
all unanswered questions are.
We won't forget
the sun even shed tears for you
with no sun the sorrow grows among the halls
everyone is the same
red face
puffy eyes
coming together
with hidden hope
flaming inside
we wont forget
you've become words on a page
that can never be erased.
We won't forget
I promise.

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