October 16, 2011
In this world there are many people...
THe liars, The cheaters, The Deceivers, The Users..
All I thought were the same..
I met you and that was shattered and I knew you were different
Neither of them above, but you are..
Kind, Honest, Loving and trustworthy
you sheltered my heart from those around.
Yet I said what I did..
Words that menat no truth..
Words that only caused harm..
My heart now in saddness of you not believing.
My tears won't stop flowing like a riverduring season, it floods this page
My emotions frozen and my heart cold..
Forgive me, Love me, Believe me again
Thats all i'm asking, is it too much?
I know i done wrong and wish i did better..
Wish I thought first and kept my mouth shut..
I heard people say i'm prettier like that..
But please don't stop loving me
To me you are more than the world itsel..
you are different, always think that..
I'm not, I only cause you pain..
Take me back and preotect my heart from the cruelity of the world.

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