Giving Up On You..

October 4, 2011
By DarkAvenue SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
DarkAvenue SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
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The Past. Its Done. Unchangable. Forget about it.

I Thought That Maybe Fate Was On My Side.
I Hoped That You Loved Me.
She Called You Baby.
She Kissed Those Lips, The Lips I So Desperately Wanted To Call Mine.
You Held Her Hand.
I Couldn't Hide That I Was About To Cry.
I Waited...
Hoping It Was All In My Mind..
That It Was You And I..
I Was The One Calling You At Night.
Some How You Made It Clear.
That I Could Give Up Hoping For Change.
She Was No Mid-Night Fling.
You Thought She Was Real, You Thought That You Found Love In Her Eyes.
So I Gave Up Those Late Nights I Stayed Up Just To Text You.
I Quit The Hope That Was Growing.
Look At Me Now.
That I Gave Up On Loving You.
Gave Up On Trying.
I Gave Up On Everything.
And I Gave Up My Hope.

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