Fish Fry

October 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Familiar with the routine,
Bustled around the kitchen
As if
There was no time to spare
The smell of fish stung
Every time I blinked;
The hot, humid air
Settled along the back of my neck
It engulfed me
In a world where only love exists
Hot metal pans clanged and bashed
Against spoons,
Metal counters,
We were all here for a reason
Some of us mainly
Out of the good of our hearts,
Because the boss told us too,
But all of us really didn’t mind the work
Just that
We were all together
Helping each other
Of course some of us bickered,
Sometimes we got mad,
Frustrated even
But that’s what happens when you have a big family
The only thing different
About our family
And others is that
No matter what comes our way,
No matter how many times
We run out
If it’s still early enough in the game
We keep helping g
And we don’t stop
The last person

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