I Love you, I Love You Not

October 4, 2011
I <3 you?
I <3 you not?
I run through the hall to avoid you,
Am disappointed when I don’t see you,

Each night i wake up missing you,
As much as I fell asleep hating you

I love you and cant live without you,
But I cant stand you

And your eyes;and how they look
At me

And your voice; when you talk
About me

And your lips; when they move
To form my name

Everything that I love,

Everything that made you
Stand out

In a crowd
So many faces

who never see

All the little things
Easily overlooked
by most

But not

By me
I blame you for


The good

the bad
But from you I have
Learned and loved

Laughed and cried
Everything I know

And have felt
These past few




So I am left with the burning question
Like the petals on a flower

I love him
A wish on a shooting star

I love him not
A whisper of a dream in a restless sleep

I love him
An unknowing in the back of my mind

I love him not
A black hole where my heart should be

I love him
I am cold, dark, and feel so alone

There is a light

at the end of the tunnel
Hope for the future,

But for now,
All I can think of is

I love you?

I love you not?

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