One Way Streets

October 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Where are our morals?

This twisted society isn't receiving me.

The population isn't believing me.

The Devil isn't deceiving me.

I'm not gonna live for your sick designs.

I'm going to go and find what I can find;

something to save me.

If you want to follow, then come along.

But this street is narrow and most won't go on.

This righteous anger is consuming me.

I'm sick of holding my tongue,

not lashing out every time that you're wrong.

But to you I'm always the hateful one.

You won't drag me down.

I won't ever fall for your cunning.

The weak only see your "beauty" as stunning.

I'm not stopping, for I've hit the ground running.

Running, my dear, for life.

Come with me if you believe,

if you refuse to be deceived,

if the light is all you wish to receive...

For the highway is wide and leads only to our demise.

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