Grass Should Be

September 27, 2011
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Grass should taste like apples
Because it crunches and is fresh the same way
But it should be a mint green because it is always cool
But it should sound like the tinkling of bells
Because it makes a boring sound now
But it should be soft like a pillow
Because it just itches when you lay on it
Grass should not leave stains on your pants
And instead leave temporary designs
But it should smell like peaches
Because they smell better
But it should always stay whatever length
Because then you wouldn’t have to mow it
But it should not have bugs in it
Unless you like the bugs, just not the bitey kind
But it should not turn brown any time
If it doesn’t snow, it should turn white
If there are no leaves, red orange yellow brown
If one or both, it should light up
To shine though the top
And if you pick a blade
It should turn into your favorites flower
That would stay alive as long as you loved it
And made it your friend
But it should change temperature for you
If you were hot or cold it would make you
That is what all grass should be
Loving caring grass for me

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