September 27, 2011
By Jessica Magro SILVER, West Kingston, Rhode Island
Jessica Magro SILVER, West Kingston, Rhode Island
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The Reward – it’s a rush

Reaching for the top,
Everyone’s eyes on me –
Winning their approval,
Acknowledging I’m the best,
Remembering how I’ve worked.
Do you know how hard?

The Spotlight – it’s a rush

Sensing everyone watching me,
People waiting for me to mess up,
Only making judgments,
The ovation is overwhelming –
Little girls posing for pictures with me
I have practiced so long,
Given a great performance –
How do I feel?
The satisfaction is overwhelming.

The Applause – it’s a rush

Adrenaline surging –
People are calling my name –
Please don’t ever stop.
Loving every minute of it
And basking in the praise.
You are the reason I do what I do.
See me – now and forever –
Every minute of every day.

It’s a rush.

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