In a Matter of Words

September 27, 2011
When all is said and done,
I stand here before you with tears in my eyes.
The last of your angered words
Echo into the back of my mind.

I too said some words out of anger,
You too have tears in your eyes.
We don't know what to say to each other,
We don’t know how the situation arised.

We want deeply to apologize,
To forget what all was said and done.
But our pride keeps us standing apart,
Our pride keeps us from being one.

The silence has become unbearable,
The silence dissipates my anger.
The need to hold you,
Touch you,
Feel your skin upon my fingertips,
It's so great yet it's less than my pride.

I can't move forward,
I watch you clench your fists.
I don't understand how,
Or what made our relationship based on this.

I can't stand not holding you,
Seeing you hurt and full of anger.
I take the first step forward,
And reach for your hand
Hoping to be a tranquilizer.

Your face goes slack with sorrow,
Love and desire arise in your eyes
I open my lips to say it,
the words I know you also have in your mind.

"I'm sorry," I whisper
My tears now unstoppable.
Your lips part slightly
You sigh and bite your lip.
The tears that are brimming in your eyes
Resist to be released.
You want to remain a man before me
But you want me to know there is a sensitive side.

I hold your face within my hands
And look up at your deep brown eyes.
Your eyes show weariness
And are overflowing with the unshedded tears.

"I'm sorry" you whisper
Your voice melodic
And filled with regret.

We let our pride slip away
And cling to one another.
Both filled with great distress.

As we cling to one another in desperation,
Spiteful words said minutes before
Echo in both of our minds.

The words are forgiven,
But now never forgotten.
They lie heavy within our hearts

As we murmur sweet words,
Our voices and actions apologetic.
We know that our love is strong.
But we are scared that again,
It could become hectic.

The anger, the words, the sorrow.
And as we hold each other
And bask in the warmth
Of each other's arms,

We make a promise to ourselves,
Never to say another angry word.
But that promise will be broken
Again, and again
Repetitive til the moments our hearts stop.

Because we love each other,
We forgive one another,
There will always be scars on our hearts.

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