The Man

September 26, 2011
I see a man, standing outside the window
His shoes are black, his pants colored dark green
His sweatshirt and hair are deep as midnight,
Face covered in shadows, his eyes scowl, unseen

I stare in fear; it’s very late at night
There’s a man outside, I know he wants to hurt me
I blink after a moment, and then he is gone
Leaving a single black rose in his place, for me to see

I walk to my bedroom, moving like a zombie
I try not to think about him, but he was right there
I hide under the covers, tortured by my thoughts
I’m so full of fear; he’s not making this fair

As time passes, I hear whispers, but not words
I feel his presence as he walks by my side
He wants to destroy me, I know for a fact
I can feel that it’s me he wishes to override

I wake up one morning, around 11:30 AM
I see him in the kitchen standing far too near
He’s so close to my brother, but he only wants me
When I look back again, once more he disappeared

He’s inside my house, every stairwell, too
No matter where I go, he’s always one step ahead
He follows me places, invades my mind
I don’t want to be scared; I’d rather run instead

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