Why I Write

October 11, 2011
By DylanRoot BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DylanRoot BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
I Love Haters.

I write to tell my story.
I write to make a new tale.
I write to burn bridges in my past.
I write to set fire to the future.
I write to channel my emotions.
I write to turn the T.V. off.
I write to talk about shattered dreams.
I write to tell myself that nothing isn’t as it seems.
I write to recover from cupid’s latest attacks.
I write to express myself on a new love.
I write because I have no choice.
I write because it gives me a voice.
I write what I feel at any given moment.
I write what has been hidden away my whole life.
I write to express how I’ve always felt hidden away.
I write because I finally feel free.
I write to show the world all that I’ve lost.
I write to prove to the world I have everything to gain.
I write out of sadness for what has happened.
I write out of anger for what has not yet happened.
I write because the ink represents my unshed tears.
I write because the paper represents my happy, smiling face.
I write because the world will censor what I have to say.
I write to tell the world to go f*** itself.
I write because I want to be accepted.
I write because my dying wish is to crush the status quo.
I write because I’m poor and have nothing else to do.
I write because I’m rich in talent and poem writing is my charity.
I write to remember those that are dead.
I write to forget those that are alive.

I write even though I think that I’m no good.
I write to once again deliver a standing ovation poem.
I write even when I used to think writing sucked.
I write because it’s my passion, and it’s the best thing to do.
I write to fulfill the teacher’s minimum page requirement.
I write to fill up pages and pages like a book.
I write even though I may be out of ideas.
I write even if I have way too many thoughts.
I write to put my thoughts into words.
I write hoping the words will help stir up some thoughts.
I write hoping to answer all my questions.
I write to question what I have for answers.
I write even though I think it is work.
I write hoping that I will get a writing degree.
I write even though I don’t want to send it to Teen ink.
I write because one day I hope I get national attention.
I write because I believe my government supports it.
I write because I don’t support the government.
I write because I want to stay in line.
I write hoping my words will spark a rebellion.
I write to try and solve the question, “Why do I write.”
I write because I have an answer to that question, “Because I write.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this to answer the question, "Why do I write."

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