The Power Of The Fire Fairy

October 11, 2011
By vampbat17 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
vampbat17 BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
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I sit up on my bed and stair at my wall
Shadows from a lighted candle dance along it
I watch as they play with images in mind through my eyes
I turn towards the candle i watch the flame sway back and forth
The light draws me in
I can feel the warmth from the flame
My eyes play tricks on me
I see the flame transform
Before my very eyes I see the fire fairy dance around my room
Not touching a thing for if it did whatever it touches busts into flames
It flutters in front of me
Her wings resembles fire, but they are so controlled in their shape
Her hair flows down her shoulders and back red and orange high lights
Flames go around her naked body in many colors
Her eyes black as coal
Lips red as the reddest rose, but a kiss from her will forever burn
Her round face hide secrets mortals shall not know
She speaks, her voice sounds like soft roars of fire
It for some reason it sounds warm and inviting
She calls my name
I stair at the beautiful fairy wondering how she knew my name
Then she reaches her arm out wishing me to take her hand
I reach out to take her hand, but I quickly draw back
She calls my name again with more compassion in her voice
I feel my hand reach out for her yet again, but it seems i have no control
We touch, I close my eyes as her fire swirls around my arm
It travels around my whole body
It is strange I feel no pain just the warmth it brings to my body
I am engulfed in the flames as my body breaks apart
My ashes become one into the flames
My final thoughts were through tears of me leaving the ones I love
The fire fairy returns to the candle
The candle burns out and the flame goes out
The fire fairy"s spirit shall travel and find a new willing mortal to give into her power.

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