Six Words of Life

October 10, 2011
My life can be explained in six words
Many different kinds of words that tell who I am
Six words that go together that can intertwine to my life
They need a meaning
A saying
An idea of how I live that connects to me instantly
The words go deeper than they are spoken of
That is when I begin to speak
Lost in my imagination. Back to reality.
Life makes me fall. I stand.
Whisper my name. Shout my meaning.
Mouth is quiet. Eyes are deep.
Write my wish. Hope it’s there.
Heart broken. Mind stays the same.
Hard to say goodbye. Want hellos.
Lost in life. Need a destination.
Lost in my thoughts. Wake up!
No trust , No hope, only happiness
Want revenge. Have rage. Always controlled.
Life needs a guide. Find one.
Have feelings. No one is there.
I hate it. Life guides me.
Confidence is a weakness. Stay strong.
Blind past. Clear future. Blurry present.
Reality is blind. Dreams are clear.
To change is a difficult challenge.
Hide my feelings. I can’t show.
Change for yourself. Adventure takes over.
Look at me. I turn away.
Twenty-one different sayings
They are all part of my heart
My mind
My life
That is when I

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