October 10, 2011
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Tears fall,
Down, down, down
I look up, sun is blinding
I squint,
They fall faster still
I look up at you

Rush of words:
Explanations, Excuses, Apologies
They don’t make sense
But you still listen,
Your eyes twinkle

Are you mocking me?
Do you wish for me
To die of embarrassment?
Your lips twitch,
Then curl,
You smile

Then you laugh
At the pettiness and childishness
Of my words
The words that
Make no sense
And you told me to just smile,

Smile, smile, smile,
Until you can’t anymore,
Until you run out.
Until your face hurts
Even when you have tears
Streaming down your face;

When you are at a loss for words
When you can only see stars
And all the possibilities in the universe
Are in front of you,
And all you can do is laugh:
Smile, smile, smile

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