October 10, 2011
By Anonymous

A flowing waterfall spraying the cool air,
tropical flowers blossoming within
the waters; a growling lion, savage
tiger. But a peaceful, placid river

Filled with bubbling bubbles; the robotic, slicing,
piercing cry in the desert.
A grassy meadow, swaying
In the warmth of the sun; a child’s

toy to play. A technical machine
with screeching gears; a calm and brilliant
light beyond imagination. A video
game character, small but fierce;

a flying gull over the ocean,
dreamlike and clear throughout.
A shooting fountain
of marble stone; the cutting edge

of a serrated knife to scrape and claw.
A rusted metal; a snowy, lacy cloud,
drifting, dancing, floating pleasantly away.
Some characters to ponder within.

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