October 10, 2011
By AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Everyone is supposed to have their own choices
but I don't
I mean,
I guess, in a way I did
but only temporarily
because no matter what I do you always think that
I made the wrong choice,
and so being the loving and caring parents that you are
you make me change my mind
or you make me start over
and that is fine with me,
because you're my parents and you're supposed to do that.
But what isn't fine with me
is that lately
you haven't let me make my own decision
not even temporarily,
you just decide for me
not even giving me the chance to make the wrong decision
or maybe for once.
I would have made the right choice but you took that chance from me
and then you took the next one too,
and the next and the next,
and that isn't good with me.
I am a teenager,
and I know that I sometimes make the wrong decision
okay maybe it's more like half of the time I make the wrong decision
but there's still the other half of the time
when I make the right decision,
but you keep on taking my chances,
my opportunities,
to show you that I am capable of making the right decisions
and the wrong ones to
and that I am capable of doing that on my own.
You always say that i'm
only a kid and that I need to be spending my time learning
and not acting like I already know everything
and you're right
but your not letting me.
How am I ever supposed to learn?
You won't let me make any of my choices
you can learn from your mistakes and you can learn from the things you do right,
that's what you've always told me,
except since you decide everything
I'm not making mistakes
but I don't think that you guys realize that
even though I'm not making the wrong choices and making mistakes everyday,
that doesn't mean I'm making the right choices and doing the right things everyday,
it means you are.
For a while I didn't care,
you know if I left everything to you
I couldn't get in trouble
and now I am realizing
that with you deciding everything
I can't be proud of myself
and you can't be proud of me,
and I need to learn how to fall
and how to pick myself back up
and now that I do care
I want it to stop.

I want you to give me a chance
I want the benefit of the doubt,
because if you keep making my decisions now
your gonna end up making them forever,
and none of us want that.

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