Born Anew

October 10, 2011
By darby15 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
darby15 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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A strange morning comes
Awake to the sound of Spring’s melody
A brilliant green that can never be perfectly captured
In photo nor paint
Flowers stretch open, claiming the sun as their own
As innocent newborns stumble out of the brush for the first time

Spring sun shining
Reflecting off the leaves
Glistening, dew covered leaves
Sprouts escaping hard packed earth
The blanket that smothered them, protected them
All winter long

Warm rays stream down
Upon the limbs
Of the hibernating tree
Mangled branches stretch about
Embracing the shockingly cool breeze
Of Spring

Chirping, peeping
Baby birds
Waking to the morning dawn
Facing the new day in which they will thrive
Nestled in the scrawny nests
Beaks straining towards the sky

Buds born anew
Bursting from the tree
Plain from afar, magnificent within
A gleaming star ever strong
Constantly growing, changing
Rebirthed year after year

A season come, soon gone
There for a moment, never long
Dancing on the lines between cold snow and hot sun
Bringing youth and purity to all
Maybe it’s a miracle
That Spring is even here for our undeserving pleasure

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