The Fire Bird

October 10, 2011
By Wolfy DIAMOND, Huntsville, Alabama
Wolfy DIAMOND, Huntsville, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
A room without a book is like a body without a soul.

Symbol of the end and the beginning
Sign of the death and the birth
Icon of the dying and the undying
Emblem of life and of death
Picture of the fire and the ashes.

Strength of the fallen and falling
Hope of the prayers and praying
Love of the haters and hated
Faith of the wishers and doers
Truth of the liars and the lied to.

The author's comments:
If you think about it, the Fire Bird is exactly what this poem says it is. In ancient mythology, the phoenix was a symbol of a new beginning after death. A phoenix dies in the flames, but is born anew from the ashes of its old life, more beautiful and vibrant than ever before.

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