rumors hurt

October 10, 2011
By , anton, TX
You walk through the halls
And wonder what you did wrong
you look at your face in the mirror
And frown

Your breathing gets heavy
You look around
You pull out your knife
And you look at the ground

You use to like living
And playing with your friends
Now all of them think you’re a freak
And you see your arm start to leak
With blood

It doesn’t hurt anymore
You get use to the feeling
You start to cry
Wondering why!!

You slowly sink to the ground
Cry with out a sound
You reach for the towels
Then you stop

You realize your not alone
your best friend is staring at you crying
And you don’t make a sound
She sticks out her hand

But you refuse it
You look into her eyes
And see the sorrow
You realize she stared the rumors

You shake your head
As she says sorry
The damage is done
And so is my story!!

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