Good-Bye for Now

October 10, 2011
It would not change anything

If you say sorry today

Then break my heart

And run away

It would not change

The way I feel

I would not shed

A single tear

I will wait for you

You cannot deny

You love me deep

Deep down inside

I see it in

Your hopeless eyes

Every time

You say good bye

I know you long

To be with me

So end us now

And you will see

How miserable

Your life will be

Every breath

That you will take

Knowing I’ve locked

Your heart away

So listen to people

Who don’t believe

In love and hope

And flying free

Then I will be

The one you lack

And now I’m gone

I’ve turned my back

But in my mind

You’ll always stay

My only love

In every way

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jess100 said...
Nov. 14, 2011 at 11:11 pm
 love this! :D
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