Why ?

October 10, 2011
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Why Is it i feel more for you?
Why is it that my body craves you?
Yet here i stand a broken man
and you still walk free with out me

I told you i loved you and you walked away did i scare you with my truth?
Why do you loath me now that i feel for you?
Don't let me stand this broken man like u inside feel to.

Whisper in my ear how much you need me so i can hold you.
Tell me just once you love me
and i will be complete

Empty your feelings upon my bed upon my chest so i may bear your agony to.
Why do you not love me?
Why do you need cling to my love?
after how the one before me scored your heart and left you to bleed?

Maybe it is best if i leave in advance but you lure me back with them lushes eyes.
That pop when you walk,makes my soul ignite.
And my heart gain flight

But you may not need me like i think i need you
Soon you will see what life's like with out me
And you'll be back and whose to say i will cradle the heart that tore at mine?

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Aiden said...
Oct. 19, 2011 at 3:53 pm
wow, this is seriusly amazing. i think i like this one the best. its just...wow.really nice work. :P
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