My Perfect World

October 5, 2011
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In my prefect world
There are only two
You and me
I could spend every day staring into your eyes
Radiating in the glow of your smile
I could never be bored
I could never tire from my infatuation with you
You don’t notice how you make me feel
How I would give up any moment to be in your presence
The way your touch sends tingles up my spine
How I could look at you forever
Wishing that we could be together till the end
I feel like you’re the Romeo to my Juliet
But I wish to have none of the tragedy
For I know if the tragedy starts the end will be the same
I wish I knew how you felt
If I am just wasting my time
If this is just my own fantasy
Or if this is a love of a life time waiting to begin

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