My Papa Taught Me

October 5, 2011
By MaddieLawrence PLATINUM, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
MaddieLawrence PLATINUM, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
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I've grown to love this little thing, my papa taught me al my life.
It's my childhood friend, my adolescent lover.
Sticking by me when nothing else ever did.
This little thing is always with me, its the only emotion I know is true. We spend all our days together, it's the only constant stable thing I know.
I've learned to love this little thing my papa taught me all my life.
I've learned to love this little thing called betrayal.

The author's comments:
Nothing is perfect, and my family is far from it. They say trust is like a mirror you can fix it but you still see the cracks, my family is that mirror, and this little thing my papa taught me all my life, is that crack.

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