Puzzles of Life

October 5, 2011
By EvanS BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
EvanS BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from building baseball puzzles
On the cold bathroom floor,
While Dad gets ready for the day.
Hearing the rush of the steaming water
In the shower
Easing my thoughts.
Not knowing the real puzzle that lies ahead.

I am from tables full of homemade food,
Surrounded by loving family
For every holiday.
From meat and potatoes
To Grandma’s lime Jell-O cheesecake
Thoughts of an empty stomach don’t cross my mind.
I am from putting cold applesauce on warm pizza
Something not many people do.
Just something that makes you… you.

I am from the sound of the basketball bouncing
On the cracked concrete.
The sound of the leather snap as I catch the ball.
The world of sports is what my life is about.

I am from ESPN
To start and end each day.
From begging and begging
For someone,
To sit and watch the big game with me
Just for company.

From a room crowded with posters
On the white walls.
It’s all on my wall.
Nothing on the floor though
No clothes or garbage,
Just the spotless gray carpet beneath my feet.
My room has to be clean and neat.

I am from hiding my toys under the stairs
Just for a thunderstorm.
From crying when it was only windy.
What can I say?
Wind was scary.

I am from the feeling of almost losing a best friend,
My grandpa.
Standing at the side of his hospital bed
While he sleeps.
Not hearing me talk to him,
Yet knowing he was thinking of me.

I am from my old life,
Waking up to Mom and Dad cooking breakfast.
Now only a vision,
A dream,
I wish I could have back.
I am from waking up in one house
To Dad but not mom,
Instead stepmom.
From waking up to mom in another house
Now alone cooking breakfast.
I am proudly from two parents
That always support me the best they can.
For them I will always
Strive to be the best I can be.

I am from learning to be strong.
To learn loving life for how it is now.
I am from learning to solve life’s puzzles.

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