My Imaginary Escape

October 14, 2011
By Samantha Germano SILVER, New City, New York
Samantha Germano SILVER, New City, New York
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There’s no way to hold it in
I’m about to burst into hysterics,
But the first tear that trickles down is the most significant
As it forms at the bottom of my eyelid,
It collects all of my problems in my mind
Getting ready to touch the tip of my skin;
It delicately flops onto the crevice below my eyelashes
With a quick blink, my teardrop carries my obstacles away;
Grasping onto every tiny hair on my cheek
Its round, crisp structure forces all my complications to be controlled
The speed of movement is the release of trouble
Tracks left behind soothe my soul
Its color is not a fiery red, not an energetic yellow
But a pure, clear droplet,
That is my true escape.
When it stops and reaches the fissure at the end of my mouth;
It recollects my concerns and worries.
As it reaches the end of its trail,
It prepares to jump off
That fantasy bridge or building.
Once it stretches to touch the bottom of my cheek
I can feel relief and I take that deep breath
I hear it hit my paper
And that make- believe bomb goes off
Allowing my tears to peacefully die down.
My evils and harms are taken care of,
So thank you my healthy emission.

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