October 14, 2011
By SarahFrazier BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
SarahFrazier BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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Once upon a time,
There was an orange-green lime.
It was as small as a tip of a pin,
I put some water on it and it turned as big as Goliath’s grin.
But wait, It wasn’t a lime,
And it certainly wasn’t a dime.
The outside was a shell of an egg,
But the inside, well, there it laid.
It was a baby Dinosaur!
It was a Grumpagaur.
It looked so big, cute and fuzzy,
But actually it was mean a grumpy.
I dropped my mouth and stared at it,
But then it saw what was around it.
It squashed my phone,
It elbowed my rib bone,
It jumped on my bed,
It threw the paint that was red.
It ate all the food in the refrigerator,
It tore up my stuffed-animal alligator.
It wouldn’t stop,
I just wished that it would freeze and drop.
My home was a mess,
I was very stressed.

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