Love that i lack

October 14, 2011
A heart so easy to mess with,
Is that all I am?
Or what about you, are you just a tease
After all the things you made me believe.
I know everything you say probably isn’t true
But for some reason I can’t stop loving you.
My love gets deeper and deeper I solemnly swear
But are love will never grow it just isn’t fair.
Lies, lies they break my heart
It hurts inside it tears me apart.
I wish you could see how much you hurt me
If only we could ever be.
Because of you lease tears I cry
Because of you I’m wondering why.
Why could we never be?
Why did you have to get over me?
You know I’ll always take you back,
It’s your love that I lack.
You said forever, that’s what I wish
Please come back because I miss
I miss everything that could have been
Everything remember when.
I want you to hold me in your arms
And show me all your wonderful charms.
So please come back
It’s your love that I lack.

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