Ocean Days

October 14, 2011
By SkylarDayy BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
SkylarDayy BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
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The waves crash slowly on the rocks,
As beautiful fish swim by in flocks.

Saulty air begins to fill your nose,
And takes you to a place,
only you would know.

Laughter of children run through the air,
As they run and play, with out a care.

The water, so blue,
Almost makes you wonder where the sky ends,
And where the water begins.

The tiny grains of sand,
Are molded into magnificent creations,
Using your own two hands.

Dark clouds slowly roll over the fun,
Just to leave people bummed.

This fun day must come to an end,
Just to start all over again.

They say memories last a life time,
And these memories are mine.

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